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Retail Insight partners with Weetabix to improve availability


About the client

Leading UK food brand Weetabix is working in partnership with Retail Insight to improve stock availability and sales performance across its network of UK retail partners.


Weetabix wanted to increase sales by getting better analysis of its data delivered at speed to its sales team. Having identified the need to do this, Weetabix selected DART from Retail Insight to replace its previous analytics platform.

The Solution




  • Full data visibility
  • Empowering field sales with actionable insight

Smarter, faster decisions

DART is configured to lead with insights, facilitating faster, smarter decision-making.

By analyzing store sales data and historic sales trends, DART keeps Weetabix head office and field sales teams fully informed of what sells well and what underperforms. Our solution distributes information rapidly and in easy-to-digest formats, so users can take appropriate action, fast.

We took a phased approach to the transition, ensuring Weetabix gained value derived from DART at speed. Across an implementation period of around a month, Retail Insight and Weetabix worked in partnership to train the field sales teams and put processes in place to effectively deploy insights quickly across the UK.


Accurate assessments

As well as delivering insight into stock availability gaps, DART also enables accurate assessment of in-store promotionsThis allows field sales agents to identify any stores that need additional support.


Ongoing stock availability improvement

DART has enabled Weetabix’s field sales agents to plan their store visits in advance, or on the day, to target the stores with the biggest opportunities. When they arrive, they already know precisely which SKUs to focus on and can immediately make positive changes.

For Weetabix, this means field sales team members always know how each of their stores is performing and can investigate any challenges to help improve sales performance.

Weetabix has already felt the potential value of the new partnership. The ultimate aim for Weetabix is to continually improve stock availability – which already stands at around the industry average. But there is still incremental sales value for Weetabix and its customers to pursue.


  • Partnering with REtail Insight helped Weetabix improve stock availability across its vast retail network.

  • Accurate assessment of in-store promotions helped field sales agents to identify areas that require additional support.

  • Analysis of store sales data and historical trends delivered actionable insights into sales performance.

  • DART enabled field agents to target stores with the biggest opportunities. They know which SKUs to focus on so they can make positive changes, immediately. 

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