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Actioning 500+ years of retail and CPG expertise. What’s our story?

We combine leading-edge technology with cutting-edge thinking, to help you tackle today’s mission-critical operational challenges and maximize your retail potential.

Our story • 

Quick history lesson

It all started in 2005, with a single-minded mission to deliver meaningful insights to the world of consumer packaged goods (CPGs), and help eliminate the chaos of the store box. Our goal? To develop a suite of intuitive algorithms driven by cognitive tech and advanced industry expertize, crafted to help CPGs optimize their data to sell more and lose less. 
Building on some early wins, we knew our leading-edge solutions could go bigger; it was time to tackle the wider retail sector. From razor-thin margins to availability headaches, our sophisticated software solutions quickly armed retailers worldwide with the insights they needed to tackle these challenges. Our Shelf-Edge Execution Platform enabled them to efficiently cut losses, optimize in-store operations and, in many cases, add millions to their bottom lines. 
Cut to today, and you’ll find us partnering with many of the world’s best retailers and leading category kings. We’re solely focused on helping them harness the power of their data to maximize their full store potential.

What makes us unique?

Leading-edge technology fueled by pragmatic mathematics and subject matter expertize. It’s a powerful combination that’s incredibly difficult to replicate and proven to boost sales, cut losses and sharpen retail efficiency. Using our machine-learning and AI-driven engine, we deliver actionable insights and unparalleled time to value, which is why we’re trusted with processing 10% of the world’s global retail data.
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    Engineered for seamless integration

    We’re unapologetically practical when it comes to our use of technology. After all, the smartest solutions are often the simplest. It’s why all our models natively integrate with a wide range of data warehouses and platforms to increase deployment speed.
  • Process

    Proprietary models, precision math

    We augment human subject-matter expertise and analytics with advanced mathematical techniques. We call it cognitive technology, and it's a pragmatic, practical, and impactful approach to decision-making.  
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    Tried, tested, trusted

    Successful solutions are built on a fundamental understanding of the nuances and complexities that come with the retail industry. So with over 500+ years of industry experience, it's no surprise that many of the world's largest retailers and consumer goods manufacturers trust us with their data.

Our values

Our values underpin everything we do at Retail Insight. They drive us, define us and shape our decision-making. They’re also the reason the world’s largest retailers and CPGs find working with us so easy.

  • We work hard
  • We're curious
  • We collaborate
  • We take responsibility

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