Free up associates to serve and sell

Using data to advance performance, productivity, and value throughout the retail ecosystem.

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Our story

Motivated by the increase and availability of new data and information, we founded in 2005 with a mission to deliver meaningful insights to the world of Consumer Packaged Goods. Our goal was to achieve this by developing unique data-led algorithms based on advanced, human-led analytics, built by industry-leading experts.


As our early achievements gained momentum, we expanded into the wider retail ecosystem, creating a unique system of insight that was powered by cognitive technology and would empower food grocers to execute with excellence in the final 50 yards of retail, boosting their performance, increasing their productivity and dramatically reducing their total loss.

We are continuing this mission today, working with the world’s best retailers and CPGs to digitize their store execution, make smarter decisions with the data they already have in order to free up associates to serve and sell to customers, maximizing their full potential to achieve shelf actualization.


What makes us unique?

A blend of retail expertise, mathematical precision, and engineering excellence lies at the heart of our dynamic analytics solutions.

We focus on the factors that drive sales and profit performance, minimize waste and loss, and increase operational efficiency, so we can deliver actionable insights and unparalleled time to value.

Meet the team behind the products


Paul Boyle

Chief Executive Officer


Seán Roberts

Chief Financial Officer


Laura Roberts

Chief People Officer


John Paul McNeil

Chief Operating Officer


Paul Harris

Chief Technical Officer


Dr David Waters

Chief Product Officer


Xander Friedlander

Chief Analyst


Bob Godfrey

Chief Commercial Officer

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