Do your in-store offers have more to offer?

Optimize your promotional activity with our cloud-based compliance solution
Let's talk about promos

Whether it’s a multi-buy, meaty discount or the latest food craze, customers love promotions. Yet due to poor inventory levels, limited compliance metrics and manual checks, less than 50% are implemented to plan. That’s where PromoInsight can help. Powered by cognitive technology, it pinpoints where promotions aren’t performing. This enables you to make instant in-store changes to keep sales moving forward and customers coming back, and helps you nurture supplier relations by ensuring you’re delivering growth-focused seasonal promotions. 

  • Play

    Execute better promotions

    With tight timeframes in play, PromoInsight enables you to rapidly identify performance patterns and issues across your sales, stock and store.
  • Trend Increase

    Drive modular performance

    Wherever your promotion is located, PromoInsight will ensure you have the right data to drive performance and maximize the potential of your promotion. 
  • Box

    Execute store change more effectively

    Promotional rotation is frought with challenges, but they don’t need to be. PromoInsight ensures that you have the insights to manage change effectively, and the stock you need to fill them. 

Promotions that are hardworking, not hard work

Shoppers are more money-conscious than ever, so promotions need to cut through to secure new sales. PromoInsight addresses this by detecting underperforming stores, categories and products, then flags the most valuable opportunities to the right people.
  • See concrete results in weeks, not months
  • Hit sales targets by prioritizing high-value executions
  • Monitor performance and proactively prevent waste

Drive improvement 
at pace

In an industry that executes at breakneck speed, you can’t afford to have outdated incumbent systems slowing your promotions. PromoInsight analyzes your stock and sales across all stores, sending rapid alerts that show which stores need attention – and why.
  • Quickly determine accountability
  • Check promotional compliance from setup to change
  • Improve accuracy over time with deeper insights

Supercharge your promotions with a pilot

We’d love to prove our value through a PromoInsight pilot. Here’s what to expect:
  • Activated in 5-10 stores
  • Go live time of 6-8 weeks
  • Defined key metrics
  • Integrates into an existing process
  • Measurable results within 7 days

What’s included in PromoInsight

Like all our cloud-based solutions, PromoInsight has been designed with seamless integration front of mind. There’s no need for any additional equipment or infrastructure, just your existing smart devices and the expertise of our team to get things up and running. And the second you’re good to go, it’ll take your data and turn it into actionable alerts that’ll turn your latest promotions into a chorus of till beeps.
  • Label Two

    An algorithm that gets you

    No two retail businesses are the same. That's why our solution learns from your data and understands your customers, to ensure your promotions continue to perform.
  • alarm

    Smart notifications

    In the chaos of the store box, it's easy to get lost in the noise. Our solution ensures that your teams prioritize the alerts that drive the biggest benefit for your business.
  • Team

    Comprehensive reporting

    We provide estate-wide visibility of your promotions. Whether you are in the head office or in-store, our solution ensures you have the data that matters to you.

Implement promotions like a pro

Ensure your promotions fly off the shelves and attract new customers by booking your free Retail Execution Consultation.