Ensure promotional compliance with our intelligent software

Make instant in-store changes and sell more from day one of your promotion.

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A data-driven solution that enables you to optimize promotions

Promotional activities are vital for driving revenue and attracting new customers. But poorly executed promotions have wide-ranging impacts. They disappoint customers, lead to lost sales, and create additional costs. This frustrates both retailers and the suppliers who fund these activities.

Less than 50% of promotions are implemented to plan. This stems from poor inventory levels and store processes. And with limited compliance metrics, manual checks are time-consuming, costly, and rarely comprehensive.

PromoInsight, our retail compliance software, delivers effective insights to find and fix compliance issues. It uses data to pinpoint where promotions haven’tbeen executed correctly and alerts stores and head office. Now you can act instantly to ensure compliance, optimize promotions, and boost sales from day one.



Typical customer ROI


Promotional compliance

Identify promotional compliance issues and act fast

Retailers miss as much as 25% of projected promotional sales when products are not in the right place during the first few days of launch. PromoInsight detects under-performing stores, categories, and products, and quickly flags the most valuable opportunities to the right people.


Rapid time to value

Start achieving results in a matter of weeks


Prioritize actions

Direct sales to focus on executing the highest-value targets first


Prevent waste

Monitor performance and take proactive steps to avoid excess stock

Drive improvements with a single solution

Many incumbent promotional execution systems are outdated, which makes it a challenge to get actionable insights from them. PromoInsight analyzes stock and sales across all stores, sending instant alerts that show which stores need attention – and why.


Determine accountability

PromoInsight establishes who needs to take action and alerts the relevant stakeholders


Increase visibility

Analyze new data combinations to get a holistic view of promotional activity


Improve accuracy

Enhance precision over time as data depth and detail increases

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$127m incremental sales

A leading global retailer generated millions by boosting promotional compliance with our software.

Drive towards 90%

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