Boost sales with retail store performance analysis

Gain visibility of store performance and how to improve it.


Establish a governing metric to improve sales

Every store is unique and attracts different shoppers at different times. With this comes a range of distinct challenges.

Any attempt by retailers to explore the drivers of positive and negative sales performance is often misguided because they lack visibility and have no access to data-driven insights.

StoreInsight takes large and complex data from your stores to identify the issues that have the biggest impact on retail store performance. It then aligns these with simple actions – whether your fresh food availability is underperforming versus expected levels, for example. This enables you to focus on the right things at the right time, establish a governing metric and boost sales.


Improve sales from day one

Evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement across your stores straight after deployment.


Easy actions

Identify simple levers to resolve in-store issues

Constant feedback

As associates and managers work through the levers our solution identified, they can see real-time the impact they are having


Head office can view all actions, ensuring accountability at store level

Deliver for your stores

StoreInsight provides an easy-to-use and fully scalable tool for stores and head office to better manage retail sales performance across a consistent governing metric. This gives you the insight you need to identify which tasks matter most and how to resolve them.


Prioritization action

Rank actions based on overall impact so you can drive maximum improvement – even with limited time

A scalable solution

Deploy across an entire estate, individual stores, or specific departments

Straightforward setup

StoreInsight is quick and simple to use – at store level or head office


Maximize retail store performance

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