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In a bespoke consultation, let's explore together store operations' best practice, impact on top and bottom line as well as field execution optimization. 

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The brutal realities of modern-day grocery retail are relentless.

With new market entrants, expanding economic pressure, market-wide uncertainty, and an increasing need for best-in-class technology solutions, retailers and CPGs face a challenging landscape.

To come out on top, you need the ability to execute with excellence at the store and estate level at the point of purchase, so that they can drive like-for-like sales, reduce working capital,  and increase customer loyalty.


It starts with the 
right data insight

In your Retail Execution Consultation, we'll explore:

Store ops

Store operations best practice


Field execution optimization


Impact on top and bottom line


Real examples and learnings

“Working with Retail Insight has been the best position I’ve ever been in with a data partner in CPG. What truly sets Retail Insight apart is not only their retailer and analytics expertise but their unique ability to deliver an ROI that’s believable, trackable, and measurable.”

Clint Kolb
Kimberly-Clark Senior Team Lead, Walmart Retail Operations

"The sales teams love being able to see what the data tells them about what's going on at store-level. They can use that data to re-run successful promotions and make improvements where needed."

Loran Phelan
Head of Customer Execution, Weetabix

“The new markdown process is far more transparent and proactive than it was before. Retail Insight enables us to steer our markdown strategy toward a more optimized way of working, with clear goals and improved visibility into outcomes."

Charles Duthie
Head of Commercial Operations, Southern Co-op

Gain visibility across your entire business to unlock hidden value and maximize potential

Make markdowns work for you by driving sell-through, fix availability issues, improve online fill rates and boost item substitution success by isolating and solving key challenge areas. 

With the right insight, you could dramatically reduce your waste bill, maximize sell-through and profit, and minimize the amount of food wastage – all of which reduces your carbon footprint.

Take a look at how Retail Insight enabled Walmart to realize its ambitious targets to reduce food waste.

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