Supercharge your commercial planning

With a single source of truth for Revenue Growth Management
As a CPG, your every move needs to be commercially savvy
When your business demands a return on every dollar, your promotional campaigns must be planned to perfection. But if your commercial tools aren't aligned, you end up confusing rather than empowering your teams. 

Enter RGMInsight. Your single source of truth for all commercial planning. Our cloud-based, modular platform powers better decisions at every level. From identifying the drivers of performance to feeding outcomes back into your planning cycle, RGM is the gold standard of commercial data.  
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    Develop your way

    Our cloud-based modular architecture means you can simply pick the modules and tools you need

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    Flexible from the start

    Our integration layer enables you to connect any data-source and format on day 1, from ERP to irregular flat field-audit files, inbound and outbound.
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    Highly configurable

    Modules and reports are set-up to meet your specific business needs and scenarios, unlocking insights from the start

Trade Promotion Management

When it comes to commercial data, our goal is simple: make it easy to find and interpret. The Trade Promotion Management (TPM) module of RGMInsight lets you quickly identify promo risks, unlock opportunities, and get everyone on the same page. 
  • Quickly create a detailed promotional plan with full KPI visibility
  • Understand your opportunities and risks
  • Integrate your corporate insights

Business Plan Alignment

RGMInsight allows you to manage all your business plans in real-time from a single source. Our Customer (CBP), Joint (JBP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) modules enable you to have the right fact-based conversations at the right time, at any level of your organization
  • Create channel and category transparency to unlock financial opportunities
  • Smarter forecasting through dual volume and two-way P&L management
  • Consolidate and review decentralised plans

Better prioritization

With so much competition for attention across the retail landscape, you need a way to prioritize your actions. Our analytical tools ensure you are alerted to the most lucrative opportunities, offer remedial actions, and ensure you have learnings to take into your next planning cycle.

  • Promotion recommendations for your commercial plans
  • Identify where your sales potential hasn't been achieved
  • Apply store execution metrics to your event evaluation

Separate commercial facts from fiction

We’d love to prove our value with an RGMInsight review. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Detailed requirement mapping
  • Validation of how the platform underpins your processes
  • Alignment of your priorities with your capability roadmap
  • Connecting your data to our platform
  • Roadmap to unlock and track your $ value

What’s included in RGMInsight

With inconsistent data comes consistent operational challenges. It’s why with RGMInsight you’ll maintain a single source of truth. No ambiguity, no confusion, simply all the tools you need to track and manage all the components of your commercial trading. It’s made up of a suite of interconnected modules, which optimize your capabilities and help you make the right calls, right away
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    Trade Promotion Management

    Quickly identify promo risks, unlock opportunities and get everyone on the same page.
  • Together

    Customer Business Planning

    Make Customer Business plans as sophisticated as you want. Detail your strategy, learnings, P&L, and more. 
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    Joint Business Planning

    Manage your commercial plan with a detailed view of your customers’ top line and profit margin.
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    Integrated Business Planning

    Consolidate all commercial plans to create a consensus forecast for demand and supply planning. 

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Supercharge your commercial planning

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