Waste less with our dynamic markdown optimization software

Minimize waste and maximize sell-through on your expiring products. Find out more about our dynamic markdown optimization software.


Waste less with our dynamic markdown optimization software

A dynamic approach to pricing that drives maximum sell-through on your expiring products.

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges for retailers. One-third of all food is wasted, largely due to overstocked shelves and mismanaged supermarket inventory.

Manual and rudimentary markdown processes cause many product throws and disposals at great cost to the retailer. Misidentification of items at risk of wasted, compliance to price change processes, and dynamic store-based pricing also cause retailers to lose sales on products with days of life left.

Our dynamic markdown software uses an advanced, data-driven algorithm to analyze a wide range of data points – from product type to seasonality. This allows you to calculate a product’s optimal discount price which reduces your waste bill by maximizing sell-through and minimizing loss.


typical customer ROI.

28,000 stores

use our solution worldwide.

125k tonnes

of Co2 reduction in 2022.


average waste reduction.


A simple way to manage waste

WasteInsight lets you hit the ground running. Pick up a handset, scan your product, and our algorithm gives you the best markdown price – delivered instantly. We can even identify which items are most at risk of being wasted.

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Straightforward setup

Integrate with the Retail Insight app directly or connect your current app to our API

Easy to use

Our intuitive software follows a simple process so anyone can use it

Minimize disruption

WasteInsight is an Android-based application that fits seamlessly alongside your current processes

Refine and develop with ongoing support

The only way to ensure optimal results from your markdown process is to monitor performance over time. We provide ongoing support that delivers continuous refinement and ensures our markdown optimization software is as up to date and accurate as possible.

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Update model parameters

Our algorithm is assessed and refined continuously to ensure you have optimal markdown prices and process insights

Leverage actionable insights

Identify what’s selling through and what’s not to prevent loss and maximize profits

Avoid future issues

Insights are delivered directly to head office, so you can measure forecasts and make ranging decisions with confidence

Increase visibility to improve markdown compliance

Managing waste costs is impossible if you do not have full visibility of your markdown process. Our software tells you exactly when, where, and who is performing markdown activities, so you can drive store compliance.

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Increase performance gains

Ensure compliance every day with accurate, data-driven reports on areas like the cost of labor and savings

Improve controls

Gain full visibility into your markdown process across individual stores, regions, and head office

Prevent fraud

See when markdown activity occurs and on what products to prevent fraud

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$42 million year-1 gross profit improvement

One of Asia’s biggest grocery retailers delivered a significant gross profit improvement after updating its product markdown process using our optimization software.

  • 90% store compliance to markdown
  • 35% ahead of 2020 waste savings target

Optimize your markdown process

Ensure you execute with excellence.

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