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Bolster your omnichannel performance with our cloud-based solution
Everything, everywhere, all at once

Let’s be honest, online shoppers can be tricky. They want great choice, perfect orders and delivery options galore. Some want it yesterday, some in a fortnight. Achieving all these demands places immense operational pressure on retailers in terms of availability and forecasting. That’s where OnlineInsight can help. Powered by cognitive technology, it lets you tackle the key challenges of increasing item visibility and maximizing sales online. 

  • Bag Heart

    Brands on demand

    We stop online shoppers missing out on their favorite brands by maximizing choice and ensuring their go-to picks are available throughout the buying process. 
  • Cart Upload

    Fuller baskets, fatter sales

    Boost your online sales and ensure your shoppers keep coming back and clicking for more by giving them smarter substitutions and greater choice. 
  • Process

    Process optimization

    Whether you’re in the head office, in-store or an online picker, we’ll deliver the insights and actions you need to rapidly bring order across your omnichannel operations. 

Stay on-target online

OnlineInsight lets you focus your attention, and pickers, on the most important areas of improvement. It uses ML technology to identify item availability risk and recommends intelligent substitutions that customers will happily purchase.
  • Prioritize the most impactful interventions
  • Continuously enhance your ability to fill baskets
  • Leverage the power of your omnichannel data

Basketloads of improvement

The world of online food retail shopping is complex. So we’ve made sure using our solutions never is, by making them as intuitive as they are insightful. It also means everyone from head office to the store floor knows exactly how to identify the actions required to fix any issues fast. 
  • Works with online models of any size
  • Personalized dashboards and reporting
  • Solve challenges faster with easy navigation

Optimize your online business with a targeted pilot

See for yourself how OnlineInsight could help drive omnichannel performance. Here’s what to expect:

  • Activated in 5-10 stores 
  • Put into use within 6-8 weeks 
  • Defined key metrics 
  • Integrates into an existing process 
  • Measurable results within 7 days 

What’s included in OnlineInsight

Increasing customer expectations and decreasing loyalty means your competition is only one click, swipe or tap away. With OnlineInsight, you’ll have access to a suite of tools that leverage cognitive technology to give you optimal visibility from the point of order to the point of pick, and allow you to maximize sales. 
  • Node

    Predictive Availability

    Give your online customers more choice and ensure the products on their virtual shopping lists are available throughout the buying process. 
  • Duplicate

    Smart Substitutions

    If your customer orders food for their goldfish they are not expecting to receive Ben & Jerry's Phish Food as a substitute. Our solution ensures you provide suitable replacements at the point of order. 
  • Data Money


    Using our proven availability metrics, we’ll identify where your biggest losses and challenges exist across all your channels. 

Unlock your full online potential

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