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We source, validate and ingest your data

We have built a suite of APIs that extract, transform and load your data into our solutions. Our tech can seamlessly integrate into any setup, meaning that no matter what you're running, we’ve got you covered. It’s a data-gathering process that’s unmatched in the current global retail space, and one that’s continually optimized to respond rapidly to the needs of an industry that’s always changing. 


We apply cutting-edge cognitive technology

Our industry-leading tech utilises machine learning, AI, and advanced analytics. This delivers real-time functional insights across all levels, empowering retailers with targeted actions they can implement quickly within their stores. 

These tech-led models are built on a foundation of 500+ years of industry expertize. As a result, our advanced system of insights is able to account for thousands of potential factors that could negatively impact your sales performance, customer experience, and profitability - delivering configurable solutions to successfully optimize your stores.

We deliver actionable insights

Whether you’re a retail operator or a CPG sales manager, we remove the noise and ambiguity that exists within your data and craft value-driven insights ready to put in place.

Whether predictive or via automated alerts, we ensure these actions are accessible through a channel that matters most to you, enabling you to point your teams in the direction that will deliver the biggest wins. 

Users across your organization can access them through any retail, in-store, or head office device.

Our insights help you optimize your operations so you can grow revenue and profitability.
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What people are saying

Neil Fairclough

Senior Director of Retail Transformation
The decision to rollout InventoryInsight for our stores was a no-brainer given the strong results we saw in the trial period. We believe that adopting this methodology as part of our in-store processes will ultimately lead to a better in-store experience for our shoppers.

Craig Adamson

General Manager, Lincolnshire Co‑op
Our store teams have found the system really easy to use, and we have found the Retail Insight team both highly responsive and great to work with.

Paula Kash

Group Vice President of Kroger Operations
We are proud to join forces with Retail Insight to reduce waste within our stores with better visibility into streamlining inventory and a smart markdown program, advancing our shared mission to protect our planet for generations to come.

Daniel Macnamara

Head of Category, ScotMid Co‑Operative
We look forward to a continued relationship with Retail Insight. Their team has helped us resolve some of our most pressing issues, and the dynamic food waste markdown solution has freed considerable resources to allow us to focus on delivering the best in-store experience for our customers.

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