Bring control and accuracy to your inventory

Fuel your in-store operations through automated phantom inventory correction
Phantom inventory is inevitable in modern retail
Whether it’s mis-scans, short deliveries or light-fingers, maintaining accurate inventory data is a constant challenge. Typically, many retailers resort to manual audits and counts to help restore order, but these can lead to further inaccuracy and significant costs. Luckily, there’s a smarter solution. Say hello to InventoryInsight, our scalable solution that lets you reduce and control phantom inventory quickly, simply and without any manual audits.
  • Lorry Time

    Filling the gaps

    Gaps on your shelves costing you sleep? InventoryInsight provides you with a clear view of your inventory, so you’ll know precisely what to re-order and when.
  • Money Output

    Efficient boots on the ground

    Using our leading-edge analytics, we’ll increase your team’s productivity by providing targeted alerts and priority corrections.
  • Trend Magnify

    Tech you can trust

    InventoryInsight processes your data to create and train a data model for each of your stores that automatically detects, alerts and corrects identified issues.

The smarter way to manage phantom 

Suffering from inventory inconsistencies? Store associates operating on guesswork? Razor-thin margins getting slimmer? That’s where InventoryInsight can help. It processes your data using cognitive technology to automatically detect, alert and correct instances of phantom inventory.
  • Prioritize the most impactful interventions
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Deployable in operations of any size
“The decision to rollout InventoryInsight for our stores was a no-brainer given the strong results we saw in the trial period. We believe that adopting this methodology as part of our in-store processes will ultimately lead to a better in-store experience for our shoppers.”
Neil Fairclough, Senior Director of Retail Transformation, Asda

Control how you correct inventory

Manual versus automatic. It’s the age-old debate when it comes to making inventory corrections. Our solution? Optimize both methods to give you the best of both worlds. And whichever option you choose, you’ll benefit from increased labor efficiency, rapid replenishment and fuller shelves.
  • Seamlessly plugs into your existing systems
  • Auto-correct central stock record without store intervention
  • Manually validate alerts in-store

Make phantom inventory visible

Manual audits are expensive, prone to error and typically take place once or twice a year, meaning you are guaranteed to be working from an inaccurate inventory record. Our solution brings visibility across your estate, allowing your HQ and your stores to see where and when to act. 
  • Empower action at the store and SKU level
  • Deliver valuable insights to Head Office
  • Optimize performance for each store

Prioritize your shelf-care with a pilot

We’d love to prove our value through an InventoryInsight pilot. Here’s what to expect:
  • Activated in 5-10 stores
  • Go live time of 6-8 weeks
  • Defined key metrics
  • Integrates into an existing process
  • Measurable results within 7 days

What’s included in InventoryInsight

We believe a one size-fits-all approach is rarely a great fit. That’s why we’ve developed two inventory correction solutions to give you full control of your corrections. Whichever approach you choose, you’ll benefit from increased labor efficiency, improved replenishment and greater product availability. That’s a win-win-win all day long.
  • Alarm

    Phantom Detect & Alert

    An alert is sent to HQ or directly to the store which is then manually validated in-store. A manual change is made to the current central stock record.
  • Processor

    Phantom Auto-Correct

    Our cloud-solution detects a Phantom inventory occurrence and sends an alert to HQ via an API. Your central stock record is then automatically corrected, without store intervention.

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