Faster decisions, focused delivery

Increase sales with action-focused, data driven insights
Empower your field sales teams
24/7 store visibility, greater partner accountability and trusted metrics. That’s what our cloud-based ExecutionInsight software delivers to CPGs around the world day in, day out. How? By arming head office and field teams with actionable insights that enable them to drive immediate revenue growth by understanding where and how they can improve product availability.
  • Seen

    Get the full picture

    Know what your shoppers are experiencing in store around the clock and help teams separate availability fact from inventory fiction.
  • Alarm

    Optimizing as one

    ExecutionInsight cuts out shelf-edge confusion and provides insight-led notifications to field teams based upon the highest value priority.
  • Layer

    Stacks of collaboration

    Equipped with sales disruption insights, all key decision makers can act decisively and work more efficiently together.

Quick to deploy, fast to deliver

Delivering scalability at pace is no small feat. ExecutionInsight has been designed to ensure every CPG achieves measurable speed to value in weeks, not years, whether they’re a household giant or rapidly growing startup.
  • Implementation in just 6-8 weeks
  • Designed to support CPGs of any size
  • Seamless native integration

Interrupting sales disruption

We know approximately 50% of sales disruption is caused by actual out-of-stocks. Hidden items, lost tags and fierce competition for shelf real estate all play a part. It’s why ExecutionInsight looks beyond inventory levels to uncover the root causes behind every issue, helping deliver up to 10x ROI and 70% sales uplift.
  • Optimize field sales coverage
  • Solve systemic supply chain issues
  • 1-3% boost in On Shelf Availability Score

Ready to integrate with your tech stack

We can integrate into your existing tech stack to unlock more efficient insights from your EPOS data. This integration makes ExecutionInsight easy to access and use, helping transform your existing data into growth-focused actions.
  • Simple user interface
  • Customized data-led direction
  • Easy to deploy

Providing added value beyond data

It’s only human to point fingers when things go wrong. Fortunately, as an objective third-party we’re able to reduce tensions between field sales and supply chains when sales disruptions occur. And the faster everyone’s on the same page, the quicker margins grow.
  • Trusted voice of reason for CPGs
  • Impartial measurer of sales effectiveness
  • Improved supply chain optimization

Put us to the test with a pilot

We’d love to prove our value through an ExecutionInsight pilot. Here’s what to expect:
  • Leverage your existing data
  • Go live time of 6-8 weeks
  • Visibility across an entire chain
  • Defined key metrics
  • Integrates into your existing tech stack
  • Measurable results within 21 days

What’s included in ExecutionInsight

ExecutionInsight is made up of several data-led modules that give CPGs of any size a deeper understanding of what your shopper is experiencing in-store. Not to mention that all-important 24/7 visibility that enables more decisive decision-making at every turn. All our system outputs can be tested, validated, expanded, and include dedicated reporting.
  • ExecutionInsight - On Shelf Availability Score and Alerting

    On Shelf Availability Score and Alerting

    Get a numerical representation of in-store availability and see where quick wins can be secured.
  • ExecutionInsight - Root Cause Analysis

    Root Cause Analysis

    We evaluate lost sales data to pinpoint sales disruptions and arm you with the insight to fix the issues at the core.
  • ExecutionInsight - Prioritize action with targeted alerts

    Prioritized Action & Measurement

    Daily notifications are created to direct resources to the highest-value opportunities for ROI. Interventions are then measured to validate the impact by store, brand or even rep.

Maximize your investment

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