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Get your products on the right shelves at the right time.

Availability insight (2)

Discover when, where, and why stock is unavailable

Shoppers expect retailers to have fully stocked shelves with every product in the right place. When items are unavailable, hidden, or damaged, the resulting lost sales can be as much as 8% of revenue and cause shoppers to switch their retailer of choice.

These issues frustrate retailers as much as they do shoppers. No-one wants to lose a potential sale, but to measure availability they often rely on manual processes that are costly, labor-intensive, and only reveal gaps rather than root causes of issues. As a result, they have no fast or easy way to get an accurate picture of whether a product is on the shelf and sellable.

AvailabilityInsight helps you with these challenges. It takes your data and quickly turns it into actionable alerts that show where, when, and why items are not available. This enables you to make smarter decisions, minimize out-of-stocks, grow customer satisfaction, and boost sales.


typical customer ROI.

28,000 stores

use our solution worldwide.


of global grocery sales are processed by Retail Insight.

3.6 bn

calculations every year.


Discover where you are losing sales

Our experience suggests that you can fix 35-50% of the causes of lost sales at the store level – but only if you can measure those losses.

Our sophisticated demand modeling algorithm shows you how much you are losing by store, every day and hour. So, you can take targeted action to improve your availability and retail inventory management.


Respond rapidly

Out-of-stock alerts enable staff to act quickly and replenish shelves

Fix systemic issues

Get to the root cause of your availability issues across the supply chain

All products, all stores

Whatever the format or location, our system can support your needs

Scale to your needs

AvailabilityInsight processes 3.6 billion records every day for clients around the world. And its scalable design allows it to work with operations of any size, from global retailers to local stores.


Fast time to value

Get up and running in just eight weeks

Tailored alerts

Customize to see the most relevant insights for your business

Smooth integration

Integrates with existing management processes and technology systems

See what your shoppers see

We created our availability solution to provide highly accurate insights based on your sales and inventory data, giving you visibility into what is available for the shopper to buy on the shelf.


Not just out-of-stocks

Check for missing promotions, capacity issues, and more

Always improving

Validation prompts feed back into the algorithm to enhance its accuracy

Grow trust

Help customers find what they want, where they want it


Optimize your
in-store availability

Ensure you execute with excellence.

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