Right products, right shelves, right time

Stock up on increased sales with our on-shelf availability system 
Full shelves, fulfilled shoppers
That’s the retail dream. But the second your customers can’t find their go-to products due to being hidden, damaged, or out of stock, you risk losing their sales. That’s where AvailabilityInsight can help. Trusted by many of the world’s largest retailers, it takes your data and quickly transforms it into availability metrics and action drivers.
  • Alarm

    Focused alerting

    Out-of-stock alerts let your store associates know where to focus their attention. The result? Less gaps, increased productivity and healthier sales.
  • Seen

    The full availability picture

    Whatever the scale of your operation, make your shelves work harder with greater sight of your availability across all your products, stores and channels.
  • Process

    Insight over instinct

    Swap guesswork for concrete facts and quickly identify the root cause of your supply chain availability issues.

Don't accept lost sales

Did you know 35-50% of lost sales at store level can be solved by the store team? That’s where AvailabilityInsight comes in. It quickly shows you how much sales you could be capturing in every store, on every aisle.
  • Pinpoint your availability challenges
  • Fix systemic issues across the supply chain
  • Rapidly replenish shelves

Built to scale

Scalability is everything in retail. It’s why AvailabilityInsight can be up and running across your entire estate in just eight weeks. The product also scales to the size of your business, from global retailers to local convenience store chains.
  • Fully customizable alerts
  • Works with existing technology systems
  • Quick to implement, fast to value

Impossible to miss benefits

AvailabilityInsight provides you with actionable insights based on your foundational retail data, giving you the full picture in terms of what your shoppers are seeing. And the greater your shelf visibility, the sharper your decision making.
  • Spot out-of-stocks, capacity issues and more
  • Validation prompts continuously enhance accuracy
  • Help customers fill their baskets

Get up close and personal with AvailabilityInsight

We’d love to prove our value through a pilot. Here’s what to expect:
  • Activated in 5-10 stores
  • Go live time of 2 weeks
  • Defined key metrics
  • Integrates into an existing process
  • Measurable results within 7 days

What’s included in AvailabilityInsight

Our cloud-based software isn’t just unquestionably smart, it’s undeniably quick to integrate. As a fully hosted solution it just plugs into your existing processes, so there’s no need for any additional equipment. From day one it takes your data and turns it into actionable alerts that will enable you to boost sales, minimize out-of-stocks and keep your customers smiling.
  • On Shelf Availability & Alerting

    Get a numerical representation of your in-store availability and see where quick wins can deliver a real competitive edge.
  • Predictive Availability

    Accurately predict future stock levels and get ahead of the issues by letting us leverage your historic online sales.
  • Root Cause Analysis

    We’ll collect and segment your lost sales data to pinpoint your availability headaches and arm you with the insight to fix the issues.

Unleash your full store potential

Optimize your in-store availability and unlock the power of real-time data and insight by booking your free Retail Execution Consultation.