Improve joint business planning with NRMInsight

Develop smarter, fact-based joint business plans with a simpler view of your trading P&L.

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A single source of truth for net revenue management and joint business plans

In a marketplace that is becoming increasingly saturated, that is being disrupted by new technology and e-commerce, achieving growth through net revenue management has become a focus for all CPGs. 

Trading accounts, however, are larger and more complex than ever before, and gaining visibility of data to support joint business planning is harder than ever. This means it is a real challenge to optimize revenue, especially if using rudimentary analysis techniques.

NRMInsight provides a full view of your trading P&L, modeling all items, investments, and promotions to inform joint business planning and improve your net revenue management. It simplifies the view of your P&L, boosts your collaboration, and enables you to make better commercial decisions – both internally and with retail partners.



Typical customer ROI


CPGs using NRMInsight profit model

Powerful data insights for every case

NRMInsight captures all line-level commercial data in a simplified view. Helping teams, stakeholders, and customers better understand the trading reality through the data. Enabling you to identify risks, find opportunities, and align joint business planning objectives together.


Easy collaboration

Delivering data as a single source of truth and acting as the reference point for all functions in the organization


Fulfil margin objectives

NRMInsight models transactions at every level for you and your retail partners, based on core KPI, ROI, and net revenue objectives


Improve service levels

Drive positive ROI for customers with accurate commercial decisions and build stronger relationships

Transform revenue management

With NRMInsight, you can manage net revenue in real-time. It provides a real-time view of data performance for your trade spend, so you can evaluate and intervene to make improvements across all levels of P&L.



NRMInsight is designed for mobile, tablet, and desktop, making it easy to deploy and use no matter where your teams are



Deliver bespoke features for your teams, including local language, ERP integrations, joint business plan formats, and more

Boost organizational efficiency

Boost organizational efficiency

Significantly reduce admin whilst growing your capabilities

Navigate every step of joint business planning

Discover how NRMInsight can help you develop fact-based joint business plans that drive net revenue growth.
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