Reduce disruption with our remodel optimization solution

A data-driven approach to store refits that saves time and expense.


Optimize the time and cost of remodeling stores

Store remodels are a regular cost of doing business as retailers manage the cosmetics, space and functions of their store estate. The planning of these projects can often be inefficient and negatively disrupts sales, customer experience, and operations.

To tackle this issue, retailers need a comprehensive solution that uses data, analytics and technology to remove the complexity and creates a simple and actionable plan.

This is where RemodelInsight, our retail store change management software, can help. Initially developed for a major retail partner, our solution ingests large levels of data and considers a range of variables to generate efficient remodeling plans. This solution speeds up projects, saves costs, and reduces sales disruption through improved project execution.


typical customer ROI.


reduction in remodel time.


reduction in sales disruption.


average annual savings


Develop optimized project plans driven by data

Store remodel projects are incredibly costly already without the inclusion of disrupted in-store sales or overrun projects. Our solution takes the data and considers the factors within an advanced genetic algorithm to create more optimal solutions and minimize costs.

Retail Insight - Illustrations_Remodel - Plan

In-depth analytics

Our algorithm considers several key in-store constraints, and balances these alongside priority factors

Easy user experience

Simple user interface guides you through the refit end to end and enables users to visualize, monitor, and adjust the remodel plan in real-time

Fixture usage

Aligning fixture ordering and project planning to prevent backroom overfilling and reusing where possible

Keep growing your sales

With RemodelInsight, minimizing sales disruption is simple. Automatically generated plans remove subjectivity for retailers to execute the renovation of each department, based on clearly defined metrics.

Retail Insight - Illustrations_Remodel - Increase Sales

Predict disruption

Use historical data to visualize expected disturbance based on your project to minimize customer impact

Optimize your supply chain

Plan deliveries around project milestones so you are stocked when departments reopen

Fully scalable

Our system can work across the whole chain and optimize remodeling projects of any size across your entire estate

Remodel stores more effectively

We know how every hour spent changing your store affects sales. That is why RemodelInsight creates the most efficient plans possible – reducing the remodel time by up to 18%.

Retail Insight - Illustrations_Remodel - Build

Save costs

Lower project spend by reducing time to remodel

Monitor progress

Comparing baseline and planned layouts of the project, to detect changes and identify bespoke needs

Align with range reviews

We will minimize the need to refit more than once by scheduling near range reviews where possible


Over $32 million annual savings

A global retailer saved millions by reducing sales disruption with our retail store layout software.

  • 45% reduction in sales disruption
  • 12-18% reduction in project duration

Modernize and optimize your store refit

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