Drive revenue growth with our EPOS analytics solution

Make better, faster commercial decisions using action-focused insight.

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Turn your EPOS data into clear insight for head office and field sales

Created in partnership with McCurrach, DART releases the hidden value in your EPOS data through the application of the same smart algorithms used by some of the world’s largest retailers to identify the largest sales execution opportunities across retail stores.

This is all packaged in action-led platforms for both head office and field sales. DART has been proven to drive the growth output, efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams .



Increase in key field sales indicators


Sales uplift


on-shelf availability (OSA) improvement

Make better-informed decisions at head office

Head office teams use DART to empower their commercial and supply chain teams. It drives growth by enabling them to make smarter decisions, based on up-to-date data running through the most advanced retail execution algorithms with output delivered in simple, intuitive formats.

DART directs the user towards the most profitable actions, trends, opportunities and issues at SKU, region, and store level.


Customize views based on role

Every user gets insight and direction that is relevant to them


Directed analytics

Enables users to act quickly



Allows the user to build their own analytics, getting them quickly from question to answer


Tailored to each retailer

Users can talk the retailer’s language

Direct field teams to the most profitable in-store opportunities

Field sales teams use DART to optimize the direction of their resource. This ensures that they are always in the right place, at the right time, with the right direction to sell more. Every visit has value-adding interventions to be made.

Alerts and sales analysis identify the biggest opportunities and directs users to specific value-adding locations in-store, saving them time when they cross the door. Field teams receive this insight in an easy-to-use, simple, and action-led interface, allowing them to be more efficient and effective.


Direct permanent and agile teams

DART enables you to focus on the right place at the right time


Simple to use

Users are taking action, not searching for an insight


Minimize objections

Visualized to create compelling reasons for the retailer to say yes


Tailored to each retailer

Users can talk the retailer’s language

Take the right actions in the right stores at the right time

Your head office and field sales teams can drive immediate revenue growth with DART. Talk to us today to find out more.