Sprouts partner with Retail Insight to maximize on-shelf availability

Retail Insight selected to improve Sprouts' product availability and sales performance across its 380 stores.

Sprouts, one of the largest and fastest growing speciality retailers of fresh, natural and organic food in the United States, has partnered with Retail Insight, a leading provider of store-focused retail analytics solutions, to support the grocer’s commitment to providing the best possible shopping experience for its customers.

The Retail Insight software, AvailabilityInsight, will help enhance Sprouts’ management of product availability, enabling the retailer to make smarter decisions, minimize out-of-stocks, grow customer satisfaction, and boost sales. Sprouts will be able to take targeted action to improve product availability and retail inventory management.

“Leading retailers like Sprouts are looking to proactively address product availability and adapt to a new era of retail,” says Paul Boyle, CEO at Retail Insight. "We are very excited to support Sprouts through a data-driven approach to measuring and improving product availability and as such in driving customer satisfaction and future growth for the company."

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Written by Retail Insight Team

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