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A powerful partnership

For over 15 years we have partnered with Mondelēz International – the global snacking powerhouse and successful leader in the complex landscape of consumer-packaged goods – to help them improve trade promotions efficiency and effectiveness.

Mondelēz's vision revolves around providing the right snack at the right time, produced and sold in the right way for the right customer. However, with a massive global presence in over 60 markets and diverse business units, their challenge lies in integrating different views, systems, and brands while maintaining a cohesive structure and strategy.

We recently spoke with Thiago Valsani, IT Senior Director of Revenue Growth Management at Mondelēz International, on the three critical pain points they try to solve for every day: speed to market, availability of products, and agile compliance controls. In the fast-paced consumer-packaged goods industry, staying ahead of market trends and ensuring product availability is paramount. The need for robust systems that manage contracts, payments, and invoices is vital for Mondelēz's success.

In a massive organization like Mondelēz, having one integrated system for key processes like Trade Promotion Management is crucial. It ensures seamless operations, aligns diverse business units, and provides a unified approach to trade promotion management. Retail Insight's RGMInsight solution has been the backbone, unifying our efforts and contributing to our success in the dynamic consumer goods landscape.

- Thiago Valsani, IT Senior Director of Revenue Growth Management, Mondelēz International


Solutions and innovation

Mondelēz uses Retail Insight's revenue growth management solution – RGMInsight - to address these challenges. Our recently updated solution emphasizes the importance of a user-friendly platform, particularly for sales teams with high turnover rates and fast-moving timelines. It helps Mondelēz to integrate markets and teams into one system that alerts them when sales plans are down against plan, and provides automated invoice matching, and claims handling workflows.

The true value that the Retail Insight team brings though, is our shared sense of ownership and collaboration with Mondelēz. The partnership goes beyond technology, focusing on building something together that empowers Mondelēz to achieve its growth goals.

I see it as the Retail Insight team is an extension of our organization, sharing objectives and holding us both accountable for Mondelēz’s success. Thanks to our partnership the solution is continuously evolving, leveraging AI-enabled decision-making, intuitive UX, and providing solid and stable foundations.

- Thiago Valsani, IT Senior Director of Revenue Growth Management, Mondelēz International


The future, leveraging Retail Insight's capabilities

As Retail Insight looks to the future, we are enthusiastic about the continued evolution of our partnership with Mondelēz International. Our TPM solution has achieved a peak milestone in terms of quality and visibility, setting the stage for exciting advancements that align with Mondelēz's ambitious growth goals. In our pursuit of innovation, we are actively developing ways to amplify and extend our TPM solution by expanding coverage across RGM operations.

Mondelēz's partnership with Retail Insight has not only addressed their immediate pain points but has also positioned them for future growth. Their collaboration reflects a commitment to innovation, user-friendly solutions, and a shared vision for success. As Mondelēz continues to navigate the dynamic consumer goods landscape, Retail Insight remains a key partner in helping them synchronize their RGM operations and drive growth.

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