From Britain to Bentonville


From November 5th to November 10th, RI’s US office hosted nine guests from Richmond, establishing new internal relationships, and fostering continuous intercontinental collaboration.

The RI UK visit to its sister office in Bentonville, Arkansas allowed for teams to continue cross functional collaboration in a synchronous environment. Enhanced productivity and teamwork were produced not only through project alignment, but also by displays of precision and skill (Clayton F’s birthday dart winnings).

Of course, all work and no play can make progress a dull endeavor. Eclectic social events throughout the week included office pick-up games of darts, streaming the Glasgow Celtic vs. RB Leipzig football match, dinner and drinks at Levi’s Gastropub, and attending amateur comedian Clayton P’s stand-up show at local comedy club Stage 18.

With a variety of unique personalities, skill sets, and passions, it is evident that one of RI’s greatest assets is the ability of its employees to foster camaraderie amidst achieving its goals. Spanning offices, ocean waters, and borders, RI continues to establish rapport within its global company community.

RI Richmond visits Bentonville

Written by Retail Insight Team

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