How to execute effective change in Net Revenue Management

A proven approach towards transformation in revenue management.


In this report, we have discovered the goals of organizations that want to instigate positive changes to their commercial operations. We have also observed how those change journeys can be scuppered by myriad factors, from stakeholder opposition to strategy failure.

The solutions are complex and time-consuming. Yet it is possible to overcome barriers and steer a course to success. Valuable and lasting change is built on three crucial pillars established at the outset: a clearly defined scope; the right leadership; and a flexible partner that brings expert scrutiny, advice and implementation.

With those components in place, organizations will be much better prepared to understand and deal with the challenges change brings. Everyone involved in the process not least end users will understand the need for and nature of change. And once they receive technology that underpins their day-to-day commercial operations, they will be primed to do the best job they can and contribute to the organization’s growth.

Embracing and navigating change is not easy. But by combining the right strategy, tools and team, there is a huge opportunity to reorient processes for the better.

Retail Insight is one of the best in the business. They know from their experience of working in CPG the pain faced by firms not using NRM properly, so they decided to do something about it. They understand this space better than anyone, make change happen quickly and teach salespeople to be commercial leaders when negotiating with retail customers.

Andy Tosney
Former Vice President of Global Sales Strategy, Mondelēz


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Paul Boyle

Written by Paul Boyle

Paul, a Master's graduate in Engineering, became CEO of Retail Insight in 2011 having previously served as COO since the business was founded in 2005. He enjoys everything about Retail Insight; our people, products, and partners. Prior to Retail Insight, Paul worked at P&G and HJ Heinz in Commercial and Strategy.

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