Digitizing in-store execution with cognitive technology


Since we started Retail Insight in 2005, we have undergone several different iterations of our brand. Whether simply updating or changing our logo and colors or switching our name from Retail Insight to RI and back again, each stage felt like the proper evolution at the time.

In each of these instances, while the visual aesthetics may have changed, the way we spoke about Retail Insight remained the same because our focus was the same; using advanced analytics to generate sales and profitability for the global retail and consumer goods industry.

But as we reflect on the last few years, the world of grocery has changed, whether through Covid-19, technology advancements, or macro-economic forces, the agenda for retailers and their supplier partners has fundamentally shifted, and we need to rise to meet that challenge.

These changes have led us to our new brand for 2023 and beyond.

I am very excited about every new element, but I would like to highlight a few.

Purpose, Mission, and Vision

The foundations of any great brand are purpose, mission, and vision.

Our purpose is to advance performance, productivity, and value throughout the retail ecosystem.

Our mission is to deliver excellence in store execution through leading-edge technology to the world of retail and CPG.

Our vision is to help retailers and CPGs run their perfect store.

Over the coming weeks, we will break down precisely what we mean by these statements and why they are so important to us. Ultimately, these will provide a platform for great success for our clients.


Our logo is often the first touchpoint of our brand experienced by our partners, customers, and team members.

This new logo shows how we are pushing the boundaries of technology and retail integration, denoting progression and future thinking.

Our triangle represents what makes Retail Insight the leader in store execution analytics: leading-edge cognitive technology, world-class subject matter expertise in retail and consumer goods, and advanced, human-led analytics. This is a truly unique combination and one that gives our customers unrivaled value.


The story is what brings all of this together.

Retail Insight is the only technology solution focused solely on helping retailers and their CPG partners achieve the full potential from every store. We call this ‘Shelf Actualization’.

Our tools dramatically improve sales and profitability, operational efficiency, and productivity. We ruthlessly simplify action through data-driven insight, which frees our clients to serve and sell to their customers.

All of our solutions are enabled by a unique blend of retail expertise, mathematical talent, and engineering skill – this combination ensures that we are established as the partner of choice throughout the retail ecosystem.

As retail faces an unprecedented time of change and challenge, we will help them execute with excellence through the use of our technology.

We are thrilled to launch our new brand during NRF 2023: Retail's Big Show in New York, and I am looking forward to introducing it to our customers, partners, and prospects. So, if you are in town, please come and say hello!

As we look ahead, there is an awful lot to be excited by, and we cannot wait for the future!

Written by Dave Howard

Passionate about helping retailers and brands maximize the in-store opportunity – still the key driver of retail growth for the foreseeable future. Drawing on his experience in grocery retail, marketing, sales, technology, and entrepreneurship, Dave has been working with grocery retailers and brands since 2014.